πŸ‘‹ Hi, I am Yash

A half frontend software engineer, half designer from India.

21, he/him

about me.

Hey! I am an engineer (designer, most of the times), learning how to build and design scalable websites and applications. My focus is to build with better user experience, design aesthetic, good developer experience and meaningful impact.

I am currently open for full-time engineering roles, which involves user interface and experience design, frontend engineering as the core.

A collaborative team of engineers and designers, who are building great products. Interested in working together? Feel free to schedule a meet!


worked as.

Software Engineering Intern, GitHub

at, github.com

May, 2023-Sept, 2023

  • Built a QR generator app for GiHub Internal Team usage. Used React for frontend & fastify for backend and APIs. Created the UI for the app on Figma using GitHub’s Primer design system. Integrated the QR generation with another internal URL shortener service for standardized QR generation. i.e. gh.io
  • Worked on many UI designs and websites related to GitHub events & conferences with the DevRel engineering team.
  • Worked with GitHub-actions & workflows for automating preview deployments, slack-integrations & project management.

frontend software engineer, Clamp

at, joinclamp.com

Jan, 2023-April, 2023

  • Building a complete platform for buying/purchasing digital asset indexes and managing your crypto portfolio.
  • Using Javascript, React, NextJS, TailwindCSS for building frontend and UI. Using Figma to design layouts and design system.

Product Design Contributor, AsyncAPI Initiative

at, asyncapi.com

Jan, 2022-Sept 2022

  • Started contributing as a design contributor and contributed to AsyncAPI website project using ReactJS and TailwindCSS.
  • Working on auditing existing components created using TailwindCSS support; Fixed UX for components, improved layouts for upcoming features.
  • Tools I work with during contribution: Figma, Git/GitHub, Slack, Netlify, Storybook, React, TailwindCSS, NextJS, Javascript.
  • Was a part of AsyncAPI's first ever Mentorship Program, held in year 2022. Learn more here

Software Engineering Internship, Economize.cloud

at, economize.cloud

July, 2021-Dec, 2021

  • Worked on the a dashboard application frontend using VueJS, SCSS and re-vamping the components of the same.
  • Builded a complete design system for all the applications using VueJS and SCSS.
  • Learned about tools and technologies such as GoLang, Redis and AWS.


πŸ—οΈ Ongoing

  • Building a community management + social app using NextJS, Tailwind, Typescript.
  • Building craftbook -- a specific UI kit and component library for Communal-based components
  • Using Clerk for auth, Supabase as a DB, Resend for generating mails and web-technologies like Typescript, NextJS server components to build the frontend.
  • Using Storybook and ViteJS to build the component package
category: full-stack,design-system


✨ Open Source

  • Building all the internal services, APIs and middleware using NextJS and Typescript.
  • Technology Used: NextJS, Tailwind, Typescript, Strapi CMS, Web Cookies
  • The platform carries hackathon experience for both participants and organizers
category: full-stack

GitHub inspired landing page

πŸ‘πŸ½ Maintained

  • Re-created github.com/home website using React and deployed it using GitHub Pages
  • Before implementing, I have designed the website sections in Figma
category: design

HEKORS Community Website

πŸ‘πŸ½ Maintained

  • Managing a complete website project for HEKORS Community; Created using React, NextJS, TailwindCSS, RadixUI, Typescript.
  • Building complete database using Strapi CMS
category: ui/ux

contact, socials.

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